Meet the President



Ecole Supérieure D’Administration, D’Economie, De Journalisme Et Des Métiers De L’Audiovisuel (Esae University)

Since founding Esae University in January 2009, President Clément Adechian has pursued an ambitious vision for the future of Esae University and has led the institution into an unparalleled period of growth and advancement. Reflecting his vision of the modern university, the university adopted a dynamic 5-year strategic plan that has fueled Esae’s emergence as one of the region’s prime urban universities.

As a student who began his educational career at a community college, Becker is personally and professionally committed to ensuring that students of all economic backgrounds succeed. Under his leadership, Esae’s graduation rate has already increased by 10 percent, and the university has become a widely recognized national leader in the introduction of innovative programs and initiatives to foster student success. It leads the nation in eliminating disparities in graduation rates based on race or ethnicity, and as one of the most diverse universities in West Africa, is first in the nation among its type in graduating International African students.

By promoting the achievements of the university, making it more visible locally and nationally, and demonstrating the value of an Esae degree, the university under Clément’s leadership has set a series of records for enrollment, graduation rates and total graduates. Clément has also placed high priority on ensuring financial support for students, and need- and merit-based scholarship funds distributed by the university have tripled since his arrival.

Being globally connected and engaged is another important component of Clément’s vision for the modern university. Seeking to position Esae University faculty and students to thrive in an increasingly complex and global landscape, Clément is working with eLearning Consultatnts to enhance Esae’s global profile. Clément is particularly committed to developing strong partnerships with universities in rapidly growing economies. As a result, the university is strengthening relationships with counterparts in Brazil, China, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey.

Clément has aggressively advanced the campus’ physical development and Esae University is widely acknowledged as a major catalyst in the revitalization of downtown Cotonou. The university has made major additions to campus housing and dining, research and academic facilities, as well as sporting and athletics facilities. In 2010 the university added football to its athletics program, and in 2013 Esae FC team has already advanced into the Division I – in the national league competition.

Throughout his career Clément has served on boards and committees of civic, government and professional organizations. He serves, for example, on the boards of the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities, World Affairs Council of Benin, Cotonou Chamber of Commerce and the Cotonou Committee for Progress.