Online & Distance Education

Distance education puts you in control. You can tailor your education to your personal or professional needs and interests, and you can complete your studies without sacrificing personal, family, career or community commitments.

Esae University is the first in Bénin to focus on distance education. Our students can complete courses and degrees while

  • travelling abroad
  • working in remote locations
  • having disability or phusical challenges
  • competing as professional athletes

When you study with Esae, you know you’ll be getting a rigorous, high-quality university education – wherever you happen to be.

How online courses work

Our online courses are different from traditional university courses. You work at your own pace, at the times that best suit your life – and you always have lots of support. We want you to succeed as much as you do.

How online programs work

Our degree, diploma and certificate programs are designed to fit into a busy life – and if you’re upgrading your education to advance in your career, you may find that you can use work projects as school projects too.

Because most of our students are earning credentials part-time, we generally don’t have time limits for completing your program requirements.